This time, I visited THE BROS SANDWICH STAND in Yomitan Village, Okinawa Prefecture. Originally, it was a shop that primarily sold sandwiches, but I heard that they now also offer authentic coffee, so I became curious and decided to go there for brunch!


Perfect sandwiches

They offer a variety of sandwiches. Despite being voluminous, each one had outstanding combinations, making for a satisfying meal. They prepare the sandwiches after you order, so you can enjoy them piping hot. With so many variations available, the only downside is deciding what to eat, haha! I ended up ordering four (oops). Personally, I highly recommend “The Bros Sand”! Although it was crowded, I enjoyed eating by the nearby sea. They’re so hearty, making them perfect for brunch or lunch.


They use carefully selected coffee beans, with a characteristic fruity flavor. There were various beans to choose from, and when I was struggling to decide, the barista kindly explained the taste of each bean. This time, I tried a café latte made with Brazilian beans and drip coffee made with Ethiopian beans. Personally, I highly recommend the drip coffee!

Since it had a distinctive fruity flavor, I felt that the drip coffee brought out this fruity aspect even more compared to the café latte. It’s my personal opinion, but I found it very delicious.

It had a unique flavor that I couldn’t experience elsewhere, so I highly recommend it!

American-style nice interior

The kitchen is visible from the seating area, creating a stylish ambiance, and you can enjoy your meal while feeling the outdoor air on the terrace—a trendy American-style café with a touch of elegance.

It’s a café stand made from a kitchen car. The kitchen car, painted in bright yellow, gives off an unmistakable American vibe. It’s incredibly stylish, isn’t it? Buying a sandwich and grabbing a coffee from the stand to enjoy together—it was truly a luxurious moment. I think it’s a place that everyone should visit for brunch.

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Seatsa lot
Parknga lot
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