Let me introduce ZHYVAGO COFFEE ROASTERY located within American Village in Chatan-cho.

ZHYVAGO has two stores in the same American Village area. One is the seaside store called ZHYVAGO COFFEE WORKS OKINAWA, which is small inside and operates more like a terrace café where you can enjoy food and drinks while enjoy the sea seanery. The one I’m introducing now is ZHYVAGO COFFEE ROASTERY, located a bit away from the seaside store. This store was built after ZHYVAGO COFFEE WORKS OKINAWA. It features a spacious interior and a creatively designed atmosphere.


Speciality Coffee

coffee roster machine

This roaster is so cool! Starting with the carefully selected beans, ZHYVAGO’s coffee journey goes beyond just roasting. The baristas meticulously brew each cup with a professional espresso machine. It’s amazing how they can extract such a rich espresso without any harsh taste. I’m always impressed every time I drink it. Moreover, they consistently serve delicious coffee every time I visit, which is truly commendable. There’s simply nothing to complain about; it’s just delicious all around.”

The interior is filled with atmosphere.

With its concept of a “hybrid space where the Okinawan West Coast meets the American West Coast,” the interior exudes an American atmosphere. Bicycles hanging around, beautiful drawings on the walls—it’s such a fun space that you might feel like you’ve become a creative person yourself. ZHYVAGO’s original goods are also on display, adding to the overwhelming atmosphere. I highly recommend visiting to experience this unique atmosphere for yourself.

Inside the cafe
couch seats on the 2nd floor

A haven for nomadic workers

The spacious interior is filled with nomadic workers and students studying. On the second floor, there are sockets, a water server where you can freely drink, free Wi-Fi, and other amenities that create an environment conducive to long hours of work. With plenty of seating available, you rarely have to worry about being too close to others, and the high ceilings make it feel spacious and unconfined. Personally, I find that working in this creative atmosphere often boosts my motivation and makes it easier for ideas to come to mind. So, when I’m feeling a bit unmotivated to work, I often come here. Plus, the second-floor area allows you to use the facilities if you purchase their delicious coffee, making it extremely cost-effective.

table seats on the 2nd floor
counter seats on the 2nd floor
Water is free to drink


Open hours7 am~7:30 pm
Price500~700 JPY
Seatsalot(able to work)
FoodOnly cake and sweet bread
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