Do you miss western atmosphere where nomadic workers and backpackers gather?
Go visit AIEN Coffee & Hostel in Chatan-cho, and feel nice breeze at the terrace table with aromatic coffee and authentic deserts.


Big windows and terrace

At AIEN COFFEE & HOSTEL, located at the south edge of the Miyagi coast, there are terrace seats where you can enjoy your meal while feeling the nice breeze. As the hostel guests also use the cafe, you can see people from all over the world. The cafe turns into a bar at night, where you can enjoy various kinds of alcohol including Okinawan local SAKE called Awamori. It’s definitely a recommended spot for those who want to experience a bit of an overseas travel vibe while in Japan.

Vegan foods

Vegan foods are not common in Japan, however AIEN COFFEE & HOSTEL offers you authentic vegan dishes, such as Burritos, Curry, and toasts.

The vegan dishes are marked on the menu.

French Toast and Coffees

The coffee brewed by a high-quality espresso machine and a skilled barista is undeniably delicious. It has a rich and strong bitterness, perfect for espresso lovers!
And what pairs well with this coffee is the French toast. With its chewy texture, the sweetness spreads throughout your mouth. When paired with a slightly bitter coffee, you’ll find yourself eating more than you thought possible.
Highly recommended for those who love sweetness and coffee alike!


ParkingNone (park on the street)
Seatsa lot
MenuMorning, Lunch&Dinner

They offer not only cafe also hostel and bicycle rental services

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